Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Travel Web Sites: Which are Best?

It probably is a matter of opinion. Each of us has our own travel personality and you can bet there is a web site out there to match our personality. I enjoy reading The Frugal Traveler series in the New York Times. Here's a good, quick, link-filled blog post with all kinds of travel websites to try on for size.

Have a safe & happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hungry (not Hungary)

What kind of traveler am I? The kind who selects destinations based on whether great food choices are available. There, I admit it. I'm sitting in my office looking through the brochure for our college's May 2010 tour of Spain and all I can think of is sangria, Serrano ham (and I'm a vegetarian), fresh fish, olives, and other delicious goodies.

Well, if you travel to France or Italy, surely, you're going to check out the food, aren't you? So, I don't think I'm so terrible, sitting here wondering what kind of food will be available in Spain.

If you've traveled to Spain and want to share a "food memory, I hope you will.
Here's the Spain tour brochure