Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Your Top 5: Road Trip Foods

What is it about road trips that make me want to gorge on junk food? Like, the calories don't count if you're driving more than 100 miles that day (my own rule). All I know is that every time I throw my gear in the Subaru and head home to Kansas City from Champaign, Illinois, my tastebuds regress to the days my mom packed my lunchbox for school. In other words, junk food (sorry, Mom, but peanut butter and Fluff sandwiches on Wonder Bread? What were you thinking?)

So, just for kicks, here's my Top 5 list of Road Trip Foods:
1. French Fries (easy to eat while driving)
2. Dairy Queen Vanilla Cone dipped in Chocolate (not easy to eat while driving, but who cares if you get chocolate on your road trip duds?)
3. McDonald's egg & cheese biscuit.
4. Hostess Cupcakes (chocolate with vanilla cream filling)
5. Veggie Chips from Whole Foods (sorta healthy, I think)

Your turn.

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