Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Paris is Paris, no matter how much you spend.

Friends are heading to Paris this month. I've not been to France, but oh how wonderful it would be to visit some day.

You often hear how expensive Paris is for travelers. I would think that lodging would be the major expense. Some folks find apartments to rent, which can be more affordable than many hotels, especially the Ritz.

I've heard that many of the museums are low cost or even free.

Then there's the strolling. Past the cafes. Along the Seine. Amid the parks. As far as I know, strolling is free.

You have to eat. And a little wine to wash down a meal that Julia Child would have approved is a must.

It's possible, dear friends, to not just dream of Paris. You can actually experience it. Read on here.


  1. Time for you to make plans, Jan! I've been lucky enough to do two trips to the south of France with a small group of friends...we rented a large country villa for all of us. Purely wonder-full. Then headed to Paris each time tacking on a couple days, but not nearly enough. You will fall in love with the City, no ifs ands or buts. Standing on the banks of the Seine, at sundown (10pm)--at the end of a long day experiencing all that is Paris--as the lights of the magnificent government and/or museum buildings start to show is just magical. You end up staying up as long as you can and somehow walk, exhausted, back to your teeny tiny boutique hotel room with just enough energy to shower and collapse. And you can't imagine a better day, ever.

  2. Katie, my friend! What a lovely account of your travels in France. Makes me want to hop on a jet right now. God willing, I will see the Paris you so beautifully describe. My best to you.

  3. Oh, Jan, you must find your way to France! I had the good fortune to go for two weeks with my husband for our 15 anniversary (20 years ago??) and had a marvelous experience. We spent a week in a small boutique hotel (where K.D. Lang happened to be staying), and saw every museum we could possibly see. We'd buy a pain au chocolate in the morning, baguette and cheese in the afternoon, and splurge on dinner every night. Ah, what wonderful food and wine!

    The next week we rented a car and drove into the Loire Valley, seeing the chateaus and cathedrals along the way.

    Your friend, Katie, is right. You NEVER want to sleep for fear you'll miss something.

    Thanks for the opportunity to reminisce.
    oooohhhh. now. i. want. to. go. back.

  4. Jo, with your & Katie's encouragement, how can I not travel to France? Love hearing about your experiences, how you spent your days there. Marvelous suggestions. Here's to the 3 of us meeting in Paris someday very soon. Thanks, friend.