Monday, July 18, 2011


Friends of mine who are into Eastern philosophies urge me (and others) to "be in the moment." While I'm sure this is marvelous advice, I can't help but think about things I'm looking forward to. Here are a few:

1. The end of this current heat & humidity wave our part of the country is experiencing.
2. Kissing my dog, Emmylou, when I walk in the door tonight after work.
3. Second season: "Boardwalk Empire." (thank you, HBO).

4. Seeing who signs up for our college's tour to Paris & the Loire Valley in March 2012.
5. My 40th high school reunion this September in Kansas City.
6. Re-connecting with a childhood friend. We haven't seen each other since junior high school.
7. Saving enough money to buy my next car in cash.
8. Peaches.
9. Visiting pals in Boulder and walking the trails together with their two sweet dogs.
10. Watching Jane Lynch host the Emmy Awards.

11. Finishing our college's Self-Study for Re-accreditation. (College-wide effort; I play very small role).
12. Blueberry pancakes this Sunday morning.
13. Visiting London again. Maybe in 2012 when we (Parkland) host a "Beatles Tour."
14. Spending hours walking through the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. (then enjoying cocktails with my pals, Mad & Cyd).
15. Moving back to Kansas City, my hometown, when I retire.

Care to share any of your forward-thinking musings? Feel free.


  1. Yay! Is that me on the list at #6? Woot! I'm looking forward to it, too. I just have to get rid of about five extraneous people and one extraneous dog before I can manage it.

    What a GREAT list. I'd look forward to all these things, too. As long as you don't neglect the "here and now" I see good reason to look ahead once in a while!

    much love,

  2. Of course, Jo. You are Number 6. And, thanks, my friend, for the gentle reminder to truly enjoy the here and now. A walk in the rain with my little Jack Russell will do just that. Cheers, my friend.