Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do you sing on Road Trips?

Recall many a road trip cruising those long, lonesome highways (made more lonesome when I'm driving alone). Oh, what the heck. Why not sing at the top of your lungs? I confess to loving ABBA songs. No one can criticize your music choices when you're in your own automobile. My car, my music.

One time after spending several glorious days at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, you'd think that the music of choice for the drive home would be a mix of the amazing musicians we'd just listened to, such as Sam Bush, Del McCoury, Emmylou Harris. But, no, we sang at the top of our lungs along with these lads

Trust me, there's nothing like driving through the mountains singing "Glad All Over." Why? Because you really are.

I have an awful singing voice. That's never stopped me from singing on road trips. In fact, on road trips when I'm really tired and just trying to make it through, singing 1: Keeps me awake; 2: Makes me smile; and 3: Lets me pretend that I sound pretty good.

Hope your next Road Trip is filled with music that makes you smile.


  1. Come on down and sing with Parkland Chorus. It's non-audition and I can solemnly swear that you will end up liking your singing voice a whole lot more and we have a LOT of fun :)

    I sing 'til I'm hoarse ...

  2. Singing is good for the soul, eh, Sue?

  3. Absolutely, Jan! I confess that sometimes I actually prefer to drive alone on a long trip, just so I don't have to deal with critics when it comes to singing in the car. The acoustics aren't quite as good as the shower, but the scenery is much better.

    Turn up the volume and SING.

  4. Just now reading this, Jo. Going on a roadtrip up to Chicago. Let the singing begin!