Friday, December 3, 2010

Paris the Non-Tourist Way

I've never been to Paris and I hope that I get there one day. Recently, I read Julia Child's book, My Life in Paris, and found it enthralling on many levels. Ms. Child's love of life, her strong opinions (many of which I agreed with), and, of course, her divine outlook on food and cooking have inspired many of us for years.

Glancing through today's edition of USA Today, I couldn't help notice this article about apartment rentals in Paris and "living the Paris lifestyle." As a sometime traveler, I find something so appealing about getting to know a city's neighborhoods, its shops and cafes, and, surely, its people. Staying at most hotels makes it more difficult to get in the flow of the culture you're visiting.

Friends of mine will be traveling to Paris this Spring. On the recommendation of coworkers/friends, they've lined up an apartment to stay in during their visit. I can picture them sitting outside at a cafe, perhaps just a few doors down from their apartment, enjoying an espresso and croissant. More than the food, though, they hopefully will feel as if they belong to, not just in, Paris.


  1. Hi Jan! My brother and his wife are traveling to Africa right now for a long vacation and plan to be in Paris on Christmas day! How is that for great timing? Nice to read your stories. I happen to adore Julia (Did you see the movie about the blogger who never got to meet her but ended up writing the book?). I never got to meet her either though we did happen to know a few people in common and during the last part of her life there was a little cross-over in our careers. She was a great lady and really did a lot to change the food culture in this country. I did happen to get to be really good friends with Graham Kerr, who along with Julia was in his heyday as the Galloping Gourmet.

    I was in Paris for a day and a half in route to Italy and did have one great meal there.

    Viva la Paris!

  2. Are you kidding? You have a "Julia Child Connection?" Wow, very impressive. Yes, saw the movie; loved Meryl Streep, not as fond of the "Julie" character. I remember watching Galloping Gourmet on Kansas City's public tv station when I was a teen.
    All the best to you, Winston. Thanks for your great anecdotes.